Our Services:


Comprehensive planning for a Move or Construction -  

Planning the full process from concept to move-in including functional needs, Space planning, Light, Finishes, Details and Installations. 


Architectural considerations - 

Review and Discussion of your architect’s blueprints to plan for optimum function, spaces and personal details


Concept planning for Indoor and Outdoor Living spaces -  

Develop a general plan for space usage, color, function, feel and details


Color consultation - 

Gather and edit textiles, flooring, finishes and trim to achieve the desired effect 


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Lighting, electrical & technology planning -

General lighting, Electrical locations; Technology for audio/video, lights, sound and privacy


Window coverings for decor, automation and privacy - 

Materials, systems, construction properties and aesthetic appeal.


Fabrics, furnishings, case-goods, art and accessorizing - 

Coordination across hard and soft elements including focal points and finishing touches


Specialized sourcing -   

Statement pieces of artisan, Mid-century or Antique Art, Lighting or Furnishings. Building of Specialty spaces such as Home theaters, Wine cellars, Personal gyms and indoor courts.


Finish and Fixture selections - 

Determine the fixed components of a home for building, such as: floor, ceiling, wall, trim, bathroom & kitchen fittings, countertops, appliances & hardware